The Columbus Performing Arts Council

The Columbus Performing Arts Council serves as a virtual musical centre of the community in the Dufferin/Lawrence neighborhood and beyond.

For seniors, adults, youth and children, there have been few musical performance opportunities or venues where the community can come together on a regular basis and enjoy an affordable, well-performed, cultural experience. Additionally, exposure to different musical forms (classical instrumental, cultural music, opera and other genres) has also been limited or available only in such venues as the Canadian Opera Company which are cost prohibitive for many, especially families.

Since 2011, The Columbus Performing Arts Council has been bringing cultural music experiences to our community for them to enjoy. Many performances are given free of charge while remaining concerts raise funds for local charities.

CPAC is comprised of three main program areas:

1. Columbus Concert Band

2. Columbus Opera Master Class

3. Columbus Private Label Orchestra

CPAC programs are available for hire to charities looking for entertainment for their fundraising events. Each concert is customized for the group CPAC is supporting.

Villa Colombo Ladies Auxiliary

CPAC proudly support the VCLA in supporting the residents of Villa Colombo. CPAC will hold concerts each year to support this important charity.


For ticket purchases go to the Calendar page.


The Columbus Performing Arts Council (CPAC) will develop a cultural arts community that embraces music, dance, theatre and art for all ages and celebrating the cultural diversity that exists in our community today.